How To Choose The Best Set Design Companies

Set Design is the creation of a television set decoration or a stage layout for an event.


The first step in setting up a scenic design is to select the locations you want to use for your set. You need to research and then map out where your chosen scenic elements will be located, in order to determine what props you may need to incorporate into your final design. In addition to the actual locations, you also need to decide on what specific architectural elements and style you want to include. Your research can help you easily incorporate those architectural details into the actual production. You can even use this to get inspired by what you see, so that you can further incorporate specific elements into your set design, later on.


After the initial research and planning is complete, it’s time to begin designing the sets and props. This includes deciding what specific type of furniture and other props will best suit your planned production. The design team will work with you to figure out what specific props and elements will be most appropriate for your set design, according to the story you’re telling. However, the first thing that needs to be decided is the overall theme of the production itself. Once that has been determined, the designer can start laying out all the elements of your set design, taking into account the architecture, location, and cost of your entire setup.


It’s often recommended that you collaborate and work with the set designers, during the design process this way you can give input into different aspects of the design, such as color schemes, props and furniture, etc. It may also be a good idea to meet with the props and set designers at your location for a day or two before your production begins. You can discuss your ideas in person, get feedback, and also get an opportunity to practice your setup in front of the designers. Remember, it’s always best to start on the smallest scale models, to ensure you are able to get it right the first time.


A great tip is to look for directors who have a good track record of working with professional grade props and furniture for their productions. This is especially true if you are setting up a stage for a live event. You need to assure that you have the upmost professionals working with you. There are many NYC set design companies that can help create a set that includes everything you need while being aesthetically pleasing & functional.  

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