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Bounce House Rentals- Details On Water Slides, And More!

Oct 31

Bounce house are becoming a very popular item at family events as well as birthday parties. Bounce houses are made of durable vinyl and designed to withstand jumping and fall hazards. There are sizes for bounce houses that range from four to eight foot. There are many inflatable options that rental companies have to offer.

The cost of renting a jump pad is usually dependent on its size, as well as any extra features. A larger residential rental could cost you between $110 and $600 for six to eight hours of rental time. For an entire party rental, more elaborate bouncehouses can be rented for up to $11,100. The size of the jump pad is usually based on the number of children in your party. Inflatable jump pads are generally larger for larger parties. A lot of birthday parties include multiple tents, so it is important to consider the dimensions of each one when making your choice.

Most bounce houses can be rented weekly. You can get details on rent prices for popular bounce houses online or by phone. To get better deals, you should call the bounce house company directly. Due to the competitive nature the business, you may often be able negotiate discounts through the website.

When calling the bouncehouse rental company to make a reservation, be sure to ask if children younger than 12 are permitted in the rental unit. The rental company may have a policy about how many jumpers per adult they will allow in the unit. If you are certain that the rental company will allow less adults than you, make sure to mention it to them. Be aware that equipment and supplies for bounce houses can be quite expensive. Because this is an investment in your child’s childhood, you want to ensure that you get the best deal.

There are two types to water slide rentals, portable and in-home. In-home rentals are referred to as moonwalks and water slide. Obstacle courses are portable rentals. Typically, obstacle courses are divided up into sections and the kids are given individual help for each section.

Many companies offer a free rental of a bounce house when you purchase their basic plan. You get more value for your money as the rental of a bounce house is at a reduced rate. You can also see details about the water slides included in your package along with their prices. If you are setting up an indoor water slide during the colder months of the year, then make sure you offer free rentals during the winter season.