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5 Essential Steps for Company Incorporation

Oct 29

One of the most important decisions when incorporating a company is company incorporation. When you incorporate Singapore company, you need to set up your company, find a registered office and select the company's name. Once these are done, you can start your business. What about the company incorporation process? Follow company incorporation procedure steps closely to save money and time.

First, company incorporation starts with registration of the name. This begins with the submission of the Application for Company Registration. All information is required to register. The registrar needs to be provided with the name of your company, the notice for registration, the registered office and any other documents. Failure to submit the required documents may delay the company incorporation process.

Second, company incorporation includes filling in the corporate seals. The corporation seal must also be applied for to change the name of the company. For a newly formed company, one copy must be presented for signature. An additional copy may also be attached with the company application. Inclusion of the company registration declaration is also required when applying for registration. These two important steps complete company formation.

Third, the company incorporation process continues with business structure determination. An estimate of capital amount can be found in your company incorporation process manual. Based on your profit margin and turnover, your accountant can provide you with the maximum permissible limit. To approve this amount, you will have to go through a legal formalism with the authorized authorities.

Fourth, choosing the right registered office for a company is crucial when incorporating it. The registered office may be delegated to another body by the statutory authority. The government administration may be able to control the office under certain jurisdictions. If you are attempting to benefit from State privileges, it may be necessary to obtain the consent of government before you can incorporate a business. You need to approach the appropriate authority or the Attorney General's Office, who will help you accomplish this.

Fifth, company formation is complete when the Articles of Organization are approved by the Board of Directors. One of the most important procedures is company registration. You don't have to worry about company registration when you use the internet for company incorporation. Just select a web company formation service that has a web presence and provide all the required information on the website. You can access all information about company formation, company registration, and incorporating a business from the website. You will also find all the necessary advice and services to help you run a successful business.