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Top Family-Friendly Whitewater Rafting Destinations in Colorado

Jun 12

Whitewater rafting is a popular family activity that combines adventure with nature's beauty. Choosing family-friendly rafting destinations ensures safety and enjoyment for all ages.

Independent Whitewater in Salida, Colorado

Independent Whitewater stands out as a premier rafting outfitter in Salida, offering trips that cater to families. Their scenic floats on the Arkansas River are perfect for children and beginners, providing a safe yet thrilling experience.

Browns Canyon National Monument

Browns Canyon is renowned for its family-friendly rafting opportunities. Families can enjoy mild rapids and beautiful scenery, making it an ideal spot for young adventurers. Wildlife sightings add to the appeal, creating memorable experiences for everyone.

Arkansas River

The Arkansas River is a top rafting destination with sections suitable for families. Its diverse rafting trips range from gentle floats to more adventurous runs, ensuring a variety of options for different skill levels and ages.

Safety Considerations

Safety is paramount in family rafting adventures. Rafting outfitters like Independent Whitewater prioritize safety measures, providing necessary equipment and instructions. Parents can also follow simple tips to ensure a safe trip, such as choosing appropriate sections of the river and listening to guides.

Planning Your Family Rafting Trip

The best times for family rafting in Colorado are late spring to early fall. Families should pack essentials like sunblock, water, and snacks, and wear appropriate clothing. Booking in advance and selecting family-friendly outfitters are key to a successful trip.



Colorado is an ideal destination for family-friendly whitewater rafting, offering a mix of scenic beauty and thrilling experiences. Families looking for bonding activities should consider booking a trip with Independent Whitewater or exploring other recommended outfitters for a memorable adventure.