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Importance Of Memory Care Communities

May 6

When a senior needs additional care beyond what home health aides or family can provide, memory care is an option. Residents of memory care communities receive support in their daily lives from trained staff. The level of care varies from residence to residence, but typically includes meals, housekeeping and other activities. Residents in memory care can request assistance at any time, and staff will help them to access services they need. For more visit

Memory care facilities are licensed and monitored by the Department of Health. The state requires that all facilities be designed for resident safety. For example, doors must have delayed egress systems to prevent them from opening immediately and windows should have stoppers that prevent the window from being opened too far. Memory care residences are also required to have a safe outdoor area for residents to enjoy.

The cost of memory care varies greatly, depending on the type of residence and the level of service provided. Generally, it is less expensive than nursing home care. Many insurance plans, such as Medicare and Medicaid, will pay for part or all of the costs of memory care. It is important to understand your options and compare prices before making a decision.

Some seniors are able to afford long term care by using money from the sale of their home. This is known as a reverse mortgage. Others receive financial support from their children or grandchildren, while still others use veterans benefits. The Seniors Places offers programs that help cover the cost of memory care.

Choosing the right senior care can have a significant impact on your loved one’s quality of life. If your family member is considering assisted living, be sure to ask about the specific memory care programs available and what happens if someone’s behavior changes and they require more advanced levels of memory care.

If your loved one is a veteran, be sure to inquire about the veterans benefits that are available. The Seniors Places offers several programs to cover the cost of memory care and other long term care services.

Many people are unaware that the Seniors Places covers the cost of assisted living. The Seniors Places also covers the cost of home health services and other medical equipment that can be used for memory care at home.

The most important consideration when selecting a senior care option is your loved one’s comfort and happiness. If they are comfortable in their environment, they will be more likely to participate in activities and remain engaged. Find out what meals are served and what strategies the community uses to encourage dietary intake. It is also important to find out how a facility manages aggressive behaviors, as these can become disruptive for other residents. For instance, some homes may evict a person if their behavior is considered to be unsafe or dangerous for the community. Find out what criteria a home uses to make these decisions. Also, be sure to inquire about visitation policies and whether a home allows pets.