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Contamination Free Mixing is Essential in Industry

Feb 23

Contamination free mixing is essential in industrial settings, where the integrity of a product must be maintained to protect consumers and the environment. A contaminant can be any unwanted substance, and its presence can degrade the quality of a finished product or process. It can be chemical (such as vapor, gasses, or molecules) or biological (pathogenic bacteria, viruses, invasive species), and it may affect humans, animals, plants, or the environment.

Chemical contamination is caused by the introduction of a foreign substance to a product during manufacturing, storage, or transportation. Biological contamination occurs when pathogenic bacteria infects products or people, often leading to illness. Cross-contamination happens when contaminated materials are mixed with uncontaminated materials or equipment. Examples of this include using a dirty knife to handle raw meat, handling vegetables in the same bowl as salad dressing, or using a cleaning solution that contains a harsh chemical on uncontaminated surfaces.

In agriculture, contaminant-free mixing is especially important when working with fertilizers, seed treatment, or crop protection. Dynamix's line of EvenMix totes offers a safe, effective solution to ensure contamination-free blending and mixing in these applications. The EvenMix dynamic coupling system allows the drive segment to be easily removed from the agitator, eliminating the need to open the tote and expose its contents to the outside environment. It also prevents the possibility of cross-contamination between different agitators and allows the agitator to be easily switched out for another agitator.

For example, a common problem in airport supply systems is the accidental contamination of aviation fuel with other petroleum products. This can lead to the loss of flight safety specifications, which is expensive and time-consuming for airports to resolve. The same problem can occur when a fertilizer is accidentally mixed with water in an irrigation system or a nutrient delivery system.

The key to preventing these problems is the practice of asepsis, which is the use of techniques that create an environment as free as possible of disease-causing organisms. It's important to avoid cross-contamination because even a tiny bit of biological contamination can be fatal.


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