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Infrared Therapy For Neuropathy Ways

Dec 19

Infrared therapy for neuropathy is a natural, drug-free way to manage neuropathy chronic pain. The treatment works to stimulate the cellular healing process to improve the symptoms and overall health of the patient. While traditional treatments offer temporary relief, this treatment method targets the root cause of the problem to provide lasting results.

Many individuals suffer from neuropathic pain, and it’s a difficult condition to treat effectively. It’s caused by damage or disease of the nervous system and can cause everything from odd sensations to intense pain. For some, even walking on a sidewalk or brushing their hair can trigger the pain and cause them to have difficulty functioning. There are few treatment options for neuropathic pain, but infrared therapy may help alleviate the symptoms and restore function.

Research has shown that the infrared wavelengths in red light stimulate mitochondria to produce more energy in the cells, which can improve their function. Additionally, the infrared wavelengths promote re-growth of blood vessels and increase circulation, so the cells get more oxygen to heal and repair themselves. This allows for the nerves to be repaired and restored, so the person can regain feeling and return to their normal functions.

The first critical mechanism of how infrared light helps in the neuropathy treatment is by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. This is accomplished by the infrared wavelengths stimulating a protein in the cells known as cytochrome C oxidase, which helps eliminate free radicals that are responsible for causing oxidative stress. This is important because oxidative stress can interfere with the production of energy in the cell and slow down the healing process.

By reducing the inflammatory response and oxidative stress, infrared light can significantly speed up the healing process and reduce symptoms of neuropathic pain. This is important because neuropathic pain can be so severe that it makes daily living difficult for people with the disorder.

Infrared light also stimulates the growth of Schwann cells and fibroblasts, two specialized cell types that can help close the gap between healthy nerve cells and damaged nerve tissues in neuropathic patients. These cell types are able to communicate with each other, which helps normalize nerve function and relieves the pain caused by neuropathic disorders.

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