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IBC Mixer

Dec 16

Whether you need to mix liquids, powders, dry or viscous products, Ibc anti-contamination mixer can help. Also called Intermediate Bulk Containers, IBC totes are large (common sizes range from 275 to 330 gallon capacities), cost-effective and commonly used for storage, transportation or handling of chemicals, biopharmaceuticals and other products.

At White Mountain Process, we supply a wide variety of industrial tote mixers and accessories designed for the safe mixing of IBC totes. These portable, air powered mixers feature an efficient mixing process that is ideal for blending or agitating high viscosity liquids and solids in standard IBC tote containers as well as bag-in-a-box totes. These air-powered mixers are also lightweight, making them easy to transport from one IBC tote to another. They can even be used to re-suspend settled solids on the bottom and corners of the container.

Our patented IBC tote agitators are designed for use with standard industry-standard 1000/800 litre plastic IBCs - also known as Tote tanks - that have a metal outer cage frame and 150mm screw cap. These IBC tote agitators can be supplied with either an air or ATEX approved gear drive motor. Both models can be supplied with a stainless steel or an alternative material like Polypropylene for corrosive applications. They are fitted with Ibc mixers unique E-400 folding impellers and can be supplied with an optional low level kicker to ensure good mixing right to the bottom of the container for products with a higher SG / viscosity.

The tote agitator can be supplied with a range of mounting options and a choice of IBC tote clamps for securing the mixer to the top of the tank or an adjustable tote bridge that mounts on the top of the tote. Air models are supplied without a starter for wiring on site to suitable controls and can be pre-wired with an ATEX safety switch if required. Air mixers are also supplied with an air compressor with gauge and hose for quick set up and operation.

For high shear applications, the patented IBC tote mixer features an interchangeable 'hinged' cutter blade for cutting, scraping or dispersing materials that are difficult to cut by flow alone. These include agglomerated powders and highly viscous products. The 'hinged' cutter can also be removed completely to allow the agitator to be used for normal mixing duties with products that are easier to cut by flow alone.

Our portable IBC tote mixers are ideal for Schutz-style or 'polyethylene cage' IBCs that are often used for chemical storage and shipping. These mixers are fitted with a collapsible mixing arm that fits through the standard 6" screw cap opening of these tote containers. They are supplied with a gear drive Totemaster IBC mixer and an adjustable tote bridge for securing the IBC mixer to any type of bung or clamp on the top of the tank. These IBC tote agitators are supplied with an ATEX approved gear drive motor and are pre-wired with an ATEX Safety Switch.