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Water Slide Rentals Take Your Summer Party To The Next Level

Oct 13

A water slide rental can take your summer party to the next level. They’re perfect for backyard parties, school carnivals, or company picnics. You can rent a single lane 12ft water slide or a double lane 16 to 18ft slide. The kids will love racing each other down these slides that end in an inflated splash pool at the bottom of the slide.

When choosing a Water Slide Rentals New Orleans, consider your budget, the age group of participants, and space. An entry level slide that is 12 to 15ft in height will work best for younger kids ages 4 to 7. These slides have one sliding lane and will keep the children occupied all day long. The larger, more advanced water slides are great for kids ages 8 to 13. These large slides can be 20ft or more in length and have either single or double sliding lanes. The double lane slides are much more popular as they allow 2 kids to go down the slide at the same time.

ACCESS TO WATER: It is important that the setup area for the water slide has access to a constant supply of water. If you do not have a water source, ask your rental company to provide a water truck or a water tank for an additional cost. The blowers that power the water slides need a continuous supply of water to function properly. Most rentals companies now offer to recycle the water used by the water slides. This helps to reduce the water wastage and is more environmentally friendly.

If you’re looking for a fun way to cool down this summer, rent an inflatable water slide in New York and have the kids at your next party jump with excitement. You can also add a bounce house rental, obstacle course, dunk tank rental, mechanical bull rentals and rock climbing wall inflatables to your event for more fun.

A water slide is a great addition to any bounce house and the kids will love it. You can also make your next event more exciting with other add ons such as popcorn concession machines, snow cone machines, cotton candy machines, table, chairs and a variety of other options. The most popular option is to get a combo bounce & water slide so the kids can enjoy both activities at once. These combos come with a trained, licensed and insured attendant to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely. The inflatables can be dropped off the evening before your event or the morning of. We can even leave it at your hotel bell/front desk for easy pick up.

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