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Photo Booth Rental Post Covid Survival

Sep 1


The Covid pandemic was an unexpected and devastating event. Confined to months, life as we knew it disappeared, and everyone had to adjust to a new way of life.

Reports have shown the Covid pandemic was difficult for many businesses; even photo booth rentals weren't immune. With events banned and people encouraged to stay home, phone booth bookings plummeted.

Many people are still nostalgic for the photo booths. This article will show how they've been able to find success again.

Are Photo Booth Rentals Still A Thriving Business?

Despite the hard knocks of the pandemic, photo booth rentals are still thriving. According to a study by Digital Journal, weddings are the biggest hit for Photo Booth Rentals.

The global photo booth industry was valued at 327 million USD in the last year of the pandemic. This is reportedly due to 11.8% growth by 2020, according to recent reports. The increase is steady as of 2021 and is expected to improve into future years."

As the lockdown on public events gets lighter, people are starting to organize more of them and demand photo booths. The need for Photo Booth in Los Angeles is rising. Besides the apparent reason for entertainment, people want to share their memories -- and many photo booth rental companies have set up some strategies to help keep up with any changes in public safety like ID checks.

Strategies For Photo Booth Rentals To Thrive Post Covid

Photo booth rental companies have had to adapt to the current economic environment. Here are three ways they've been able to do so:

Use of Adaptive Technology

The pandemic was a driving force behind the surge of adaptive technology to combat the virus's spread. Photo booth rentals were not left out of this trend. One way they did that was with online communication platforms to book clients and answer inquiries.

The report showed that some companies have survived by investing in new technology to satisfy client needs. InstaPhotoBoothRental has invested in new technology: The Photo Bot.

The Photo Bot is a robotic photo booth that moves around during an event and automatically takes pictures of guests at their request. It satisfies the need for social distance, so people feel safer and are more willing to take photos.

Excellent Customer Care and Additional Incentives

The reason InstaPhotoBoothRental has remained competitive in the post-pandemic era is because of the excellent customer service & additional incentives.

InstaPhotoBooth was always available to answer any questions you may have and book if needed. Usually, rescheduling attracts an extra fee, but our rental companies choose to forgo this fee to suit their client's needs.

We also offer some security features, like everyone can interact with booths without fear of coming into contact with the virus. This can be done using an anti-viral gel that the guest applies to their hands before filling out a form for free prints attached to the photo booth rental.

We even sent out vaccinated booth monitors and were alert to ensure that booths were in good working order and guests used them responsibly.

Strong Online Presence

During enforced isolation after the pandemic, many people turned to the internet for services. InstaPhotoBooth responded by investing heavily in an online presence; they did this in several ways.

Our company was always aware of maintaining a healthy online presence. We kept our websites and social media regularly updated before the pandemic and made sure to upgrade phone booths with up-to-date technology if the pandemic should strike.

We also ran ads on multiple social media platforms, which was the last thing they wanted to do. We did this because we wanted to show people we weren’t shutting down, even though people might think they would.

Recent statistics have shown that by paying attention to their online presence, phone booth companies could reach more customers. Some people have been reviewing the positive effects of this strategy and recognize how being on the internet can help them.


Although it may seem like the pandemic has been challenging for people in business, one small phone booth rental business has thrived since the pandemic. These companies have found success with a few key strategies. They've survived tough times by developing adaptive technology, coming up with customer-focused incentives, and maintaining a solid online presence.

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