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Top 25 floors of Amo Residence lease lasts through 99 years

Jul 21

Amo Residences spans 12,679.4 square meters. It covers a total space of 31.699 square metres. Amo Residences tenure runs for 99 years. The house must have at least five bedrooms. Penthouses are available for purchase at a reasonable cost.

Amo Residence is situated in the Singapore District 20 and is situated at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. Amo Residence's top 25 floors are stunning and include 370 residences with amazing panoramic views over Bishan-AngKio's Lower Peirce Reservoir Park as and Shangri-la Park landed estate. Amo Residence Amo Residence will be the first of the buildings to be built within District 20 within the next 8 years.

Amo Residences's opening date is on the deck that provides stunning views of the entire region. It is completely secure. Any kind of background are used to showcase this beautiful region. It is possible to take a swim in the clear, crystal-clear pool and relish the peace and quiet of a relaxing day at Spa. It's stunning when you step into the pool. You'll be amazed by the incredible artwork you'll never forget.

The station is situated on the Line which is a line that runs north-to-south. It is situated near the it's Ang Mo Kio MRT Station situated just 20 minutes' drive from the Ang Mo Kio Community Centre. If you're planning to travel, Ang Mo Kio Avenue is easily accessible due to its close proximity to CTE and Upper Thomson Road. It's accessible from all close MRT stations. This includes CC14 and Lorong Chuan Bishan (CC15). Lorong Chuan Bishan (CC15) is accessible through Tavistock and Tavistock, as well as Tavistock as well as The NS17 along with Tavistock as well as Tavistock and Tavistock and the NS17. Tavistock along with the CR10.

One of the most important requirements of a person shouldn't be cause to worry as there are many malls that can meet the needs for the majority of customers. For instance malls are located at Ang Mo Kio Hub, Djitsun Mall, Junction 8, NEX Shopping Mall and Junction 8 and are just 10 minutes away from the region which is home to one the exits.

Amo Residence is located in Bishan and Ang Mo Kio Park, one of the biggest parks that was constructed in the beginning that comprised HDB as well as Lower Pierce Reservoir, which is the second largest reservoir in Singapore as well as the trees surrounding it. The park is that spans over 100 years. It's an era of time.

The stunning scenery is as impressive as the vibrant colors of urban areas. The vibrant colors are evident in urban zones. The pool is described as an indoor pool. Fitness and yoga facilities are also available and can be found at Sundeck as well as the Clubhouse located within The Fitness Centre. Barbeque pits are found close to the pool. Bars are located in the dining area which is situated to the pool area. The pool is located in the area known as The Sky Garden and recreation garden. It is a perfect spot to wander around, or simply sit and read in the coves, as well as other things to enjoy.

The area is near known and trusted institutions which provide the best quality education facilities. Top three primary schools serving students are located within a short distance from each other . They include CHIJ St Nicholas Girls school, Ai Tong School and Ang Mo Kio Primary School. Anderson Secondary School as along with Eunoia Junior College (which also provides IP courses in IP in addition to IP-related fields) are located within the same neighborhood.

Amo Residence is easy to access and is just 5 minutes to Mayflower MRT Station and 4 stops from the Ang Mo Kio MRT station that is only 20 minutes from the station by an accessible walk. Amo Residence Amo Residence is located within of the Thomson East Coast Line is expected for completion by 2025. It will have 32 stations and 8 interchanges. It will be directly linked with the Thomson East Coast Line.

If you're an outdoor lover who is an avid participant, this is an excellent option because it's located within Bishan The Mo Kio park which is near Lower Pierce Reservoir. In addition, you can link The Mayflower MRT through the Thomson East Coast Line in less than two hours.