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These tips will help prepare your garage for winter.

Feb 10

Winter is here, so get your overhead doors prepared for cold weather. No matter the material of your door, it's important to prepare and maintain it to avoid expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance and regular inspections can improve the performance of WeFixit as well as ensure a smooth operation. These are some tips that will help you prepare your overhead doors for winter.

Lubricate moving parts

In extreme cold or snowy weather, door components such as springs and rollers may become stuck to tracks. This can prevent doors from opening. It is possible to ensure that the steel garage door does not open too hard, even in cold conditions.

Replacing the Weatherstrip

Weatherstrips are typically installed at the bottom of the garage doors. They are more durable than any other element. This seals the garage door against the outside world. It is essential to keep the garage dry and warm. If you see cracks or wear on your overhead door weatherstrip, replace it immediately.

Check the switch

Winters can cause moisture damage to wall switches, keypads, and doors. Your external switch may stop functioning properly as a result. Your door may not open if the keypad or switch batteries are low quickly. Before you leave your garage, it is important to change the batteries.