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Hypnosis Training

Dec 23

Were holding our inter-, our intensive training program as a in person class Now, this gives you an opportunity to learn about hypnotic practice that can be integrated into psychotherapy. You learn, yes, about the induction of hypnosis for any person that sits across from you.

Youll also learn about how you can use hypnosis to help your clients regardless of the theoretical practice, but I think what youll learn most is to be a better communicator Hypnosis is not just putting suggestions into a passive person Hypnosis is a form of relationship Its an evocative form of relationship where were working in in a communicational pattern to bring out the best in helping a client realize a concept that can empower a state that can empower a change in identity. And I think that Ive learned more about communication about being a good communicator, by studying hypnosis and hypnotherapy than through any other means.

So yes, its good to have a background in hypnosis But more than that, rather than just practicing using hypnosis as a way of delivering psychotherapy, we learn things about how to structure communication experientially, strategically, how to use multiple level communication, how to use all of the output channels of communication, to build cooperative responsiveness I invite you to join us for our hypnosis seminar, go to the website. From the website, youll be able to learn about the content that were offering.

We have an extraordinary faculty, some of the best faculty that you can imagine to teach the fundamentals of hypnotic communication Were bringing to you for the first time our intensive training program online in a very convenient, safe and educational format I look forward to meeting you.

 I would recommend taking a live training because you know you can learn how to drive a car in a book but until you actually do it its kind of hard but if you really want to get good at it take a live training with a master hypnotist.

Modern Hypnosis Training

In modern hypnosis training, we would also like to provide you with all newest discoveries around the mind, the subconscious and hypnosis.

In our hypnosis training you will develop into a unique specialist in the application of hypnosis and consequently, the competent accompaniment of people in various subject areas.
After successful completion of the basic training hypnotherapy, the individual modules (except the module diploma level hypnosis) can be attended in any order.
Each special module of our hypnosis training forms a self-contained unit and is honored with a corresponding certificate.

Our training in the method of hypnosis and hypnotherapy with the professional title of Hypnosetherapeut EZC is a demanding and enriching practical training as Hypnose Ausbildung Zürich.

The knowledge imparted is based on findings from science and practice.
It is composed of extensively proven, sustainable methods and approaches.

The basic orientation of our hypnotherapy training is based, among other things, on the effective procedures of classical - clinical hypnosis, the hypnosis techniques

With us, you will work in an environment where quality, service and process reliability have top priority. Our therapy processes guarantee the highest possible benefit for our customers and their clients, because only if a process is reproducible, the results are the same. Every person is an individual and it is precisely this fact that our trainings take into account.

Open hypnotherapy training for therapists, educators and everyone who wants to learn hypnosis.

The content of the open basic training corresponds to the training of physicians and psychologists. However, in a later full training, the open hypnotherapy training focuses more towards communication, resource work and goal-oriented techniques. Areas such as trauma therapy, dissociative work and time regression are discussed somewhat more briefly, as these, in our opinion, should remain the domains of the licensed professional professions.

Reasons for a Hypnose Ausbildung

There are many reasons for learning hypnosis. Knowledge of hypnosis can bring great benefits to a person and is often a real enrichment to life. Those who master Hypnose Ausbildung can bring about many positive changes in their own lives. Our hypnosis training is primarily aimed at all people who are interested in how sustainable solutions to problems can be achieved by means of hypnotic dynamics. The participants of our seminars have the possibility to use hypnosis for themselves, to reorient themselves professionally or to integrate hypnosis into their existing practice.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis was originally assumed to be a sleep-like state. The hypnotist is the person who hypnotizes, and the hypnotized person is the subject (also known as the proband, or patient or client in hypnotherapy). A person can also take on both roles, in which case this is called autohypnosis or self-hypnosis; in all other cases it is called foreign or heterohypnosis. A hypnotic trance is induced by means of hypnosis (induction), the subject is in hypnosis or in a hypnotic trance. To terminate, the trance is dissolved or exduced (exduction), the hypnotized person wakes up. If the subject is brought out of the trance (for example, for the purpose of deepening the trance) and shortly thereafter put back into trance, this is called fractionation. During hypnosis, the subject may be given verbal instructions, so-called suggestions, which are intended to have a direct effect on the unconscious.

Suggestions that are intended to be effective even after the hypnosis has been dissolved are called posthypnotic suggestions. Under posthypnotic suggestion, measurable changes in information processing occur in the brain. Neuropsychological studies using imaging techniques have shown that the activity of certain brain areas is selectively reduced.

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